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2021-01-20 09:03:57
Thanks for the clarification.

2021-01-19 22:18:43
I haven't tried to deceive, and I can't figure out what to say. I shoot a full frame, but I don't see such an option. Maybe you consider the average format to be a full frame. First you remarked to me that I do not put the photos in the correct categories according to you, now for incorrectly filled in technical data. None of your team has commented on my shot. And I think that's the most important thing. But in the future I will look to fill in the technical parameters correctly and I will hope that one day you will see my shots, not how I filled in the form.The rules are to be followed. With the best feelings :)

2021-01-19 09:27:03
What are you asking me? I do not understand. Explain.

2020-12-28 21:02:50

2020-12-13 19:07:48
Great moment, great quality, great shot. Congratulations!

2020-10-30 17:36:44
The colors and atmosphere are great. But there's something I don't like about the composition. The houses are cut off, 75% of the frame is foggy and right in the middle and the interesting hill above is again in a small part of the frame. I don't think you had the right lens. If this shot was more open, to see the whole village, most of the hill, it would be top. Because of such cases I go with me with at least 5 lenses.

2020-10-26 22:13:57
Thanks for this comment. Such feedback is very important to me!

2020-10-26 10:36:14
I'm sorry, but I can't agree, because this is about photography. On Instagram, the size is small and everyone there is a photographer. But this is not Instagram here, but a place for photography. Only a normal size photo can see the details that are very important to me to find out if I like it or not. The small size does not show installation, processing, etc. Above is a comment that is constructive. It is for the crop in the photo. This comment is perfectly relevant, but yours is superfluous.

2020-10-26 08:15:28
It is very strange in this forum. Most of the comments we receive are about trivial things. Either the category is incorrect in the photo I posted, or the size is larger. The photo itself no one comments as qualities or shortcomings, which is really strange. I participate in world forums and nothing like this has ever happened to me. Na tym forum jest bardzo dziwnie. Większość otrzymywanych przez nas komentarzy dotyczy spraw trywialnych. Albo kategoria jest nieprawidłowa na opublikowanym przeze mnie zdjęciu, albo rozmiar jest większy. Samo zdjęcie nikt nie komentuje zalet ani wad, co jest naprawdę dziwne. Uczestniczę w światowych forach i nic takiego mi się nigdy nie zdarzyło.

2020-10-17 11:32:36
Say why it is not correct. I can't hit the exact category. Say why it is not correct. And there is something very unpleasant about evaluating whether the author has put his photo in the right category, and not evaluating the photo itself. Put it in the right category, I have no problem with which category it is in. As curators, you have to give an explanation, not just state. Explain why to repeat this mistake. And please rate the photo for its own sake, not for not being in the right category. Powiedz, dlaczego nie jest poprawne. Nie mogę trafić do dokładnej kategorii. Powiedz, dlaczego nie jest poprawne. I jest coś bardzo nieprzyjemnego w ocenianiu, czy autor umieścił swoje zdjęcie w odpowiedniej kategorii, a nie w ocenie samego zdjęcia. Umieść to we właściwej kategorii, nie mam problemu z tym, do której kategorii należy. Jako kuratorzy musicie udzielić wyjaśnień, a nie tylko stwierdzać. Wyjaśnij, dlaczego powtórzyć ten błąd. I proszę oceń zdjęcie ze względu na niego sam, a nie dlatego, że nie znajduje się w odpowiedniej kategorii.

2020-09-14 17:21:13
Ech, po prostu bardzo dziękuję.

2020-09-09 14:32:42
I find it difficult to choose categories when posting a photo on your site. In which category would you publish this shot?

2020-09-06 12:03:54
This is a single frame. No overlays on other photos. I turned the photo in black and white because I wanted to give documentary and history. Nowadays, cultivating the land without a machine is a rarity, and this man with a horse looked like he had from the last century. I have another shot, bigger, which I made in color. But black and white is the better solution for me.

2020-09-06 11:44:43
Dziękuję Ci bardzo.

2020-09-06 10:33:14
Dziękuję Ci bardzo.

2020-09-06 10:33:03
Dziękuję Ci bardzo.

2020-09-06 10:32:32

2020-09-03 17:50:10

2020-09-01 18:08:19
Thank you very much for the high rating!

2020-09-01 18:07:05
Thank you very much for the high rating!

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